Select 'Add Dependent' in the top right menu.

Please note, only users 18 and older can register for an account. However, once registered, the adult user can add a dependent user.

How to get MEDICAL RECORDS video

Your notes, including the excuse notes is located in the bottom tab labelled "Notes" To print or download the notes, please use a computer and the Chrome browser.

Please make sure you choose the correct user in the top right menu to view the corresponding records and notes.

How to get RECEIPTS video

Select 'Receipts' in the top right menu.

You can select individual receipts to print or download. To print or download the receipts, you can:

  • Use a computer and the Chrome browser.
  • Take a screen shot of the receipt.

Your medical consultation does not end when the visit finishes. If you have problems such as medication reactions, you are not feeling better, or problems at the pharmacy, you can contact us via text messaging. SMS (407) 537-5589 .

Please do not use the website chat for follow up.

Our providers will respond during the hours of operations.

If we are unable to treat your condition, we will refund your visit in full immediately. If we can provide treatment, notes, or orders, you are not eligible for a refund.

No medical practice can provide assurance or guarantee that the advice and prescription provided will lead to your improvement. If you are not better, please follow the recommended follow-up instructions in your note.

You can also contact us via text messaging. SMS (407) 537-5589 . Our providers will respond during the hours of operations.

XpediCare provides online access to affordable and professional medical care for many non-emergency medical problems. XpediCare saves you time and money. Xpedicare is not for medical emergencies. Dial 911 for medical emergencies. Xpedicare practitioners cannot prescribe DEA-controlled medications.

The information contained herein should not be used during any medical emergency, nor for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A physician licensed for the diagnosis and treatment of each and every medical condition should be consulted.

We can refill non DEA controlled medications. Please have either a photo of the prescription bottle or your pharmacy records at the time of the visit.

Please ask our providers directly via chat. (The bottom right chat icon.) Our medical providers can let you know if we are able to help.

We are available to anyone physically in the state of Florida at the moment of consultation.

Yes, the price is $39 . There are no additional fees. We do not accept insurance.

We put health care in the palm of your hands.

XpediCare provides access to Board Certified Medical Providers for your medical problems without the hassle of visiting drug store clinics, urgent care centers, or emergency department.

Many medical problems can be solved right from your phone or computer.

Telemedicine is the live interaction between a patient and provider using audio and video communications.

Beware of providers that offers only audio communications or web forms. Those interactions are not considered telemedicine in the eyes of many states, including Florida.

Through live video communication with a board certified health care provider, many medical problems such as: cough, cold, urinary tract infections, rashes, and more, can be resolved.

  • Make sure you are in a private and quiet environment. You will be discussing your private medical conditions via video conferencing.
  • Please make sure that you have a good connection to the internet. Either Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity will be best.
  • Please take your temperature if you are sick.
  • Please provide your weight so the correct doses of medications could be calculated.

In-person visits with your primary care physicians are irreplaceable. However, many non-emergency medical problems can be safely taken care of via telemedicine contact with a board certified health care provider working under established guidelines.

You save money and time by using XpediCare.