Quick Guide to Online Care

Thai Pham
  ·  April 28, 2018

Demand Telepresence. Reject telephone calls and web-forms.

Your health is important – demand Telepresence. Reject telephone calls and web-forms. Video consultations allow you to see that the provider’s attention is fully focused on you. The provider has a better chance of seeing how sick you are and will provide a more comprehensive evaluation. You will be able to see that the provider is focused on your care and that the care decision is being made by a qualified person.

A consultation with a medical provider over the internet should be as close as possible to an in-person visit. You deserve nothing less. With telepresence, the doctor will be able to see how ill you appear or how tired you may look, along with other visual and audio clues to your health status which can be lost without a live interaction.

Telemedicine requires the telepresence of a health care provider. With today’s available technology, telephone calls and web forms are insufficient for proper care. Many states, including Florida and the Federation of State Medical Boards, have declared that a telephone conversations, email/fax and web forms are not considered telemedicine.

Distracted medical care?

Telepresence allows a closer replication of a traditional office visit. You get to see that the medical provider is fully focused on your care during the encounter. Unfortunately, this is not the case with telephone calls. How can you be sure that the person who is on the other end of the line during the encounter is fully focused on you? How can you be sure that they are not at a coffee shop, or a park, or the beach? Your health is important and should be the top priority of the provider during the encounter.

Who is making the treatment decisions?

Web forms, emails and fax are much worse. With these forms of communication, you have no idea if you’re receiving an automated response or if an unlicensed person is making treatment decisions without first consulting a licensed provider.

Your health is important. Demand TelePresence. You are entitled to a thorough evaluation. When you see an advertisement to “see a doctor,” make sure you actually SEE a doctor by live video.

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The information contained herein should not be used during any medical emergency, nor for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A physician licensed for the diagnosis and treatment of each and every medical condition should be consulted.